As part of Community Capacity Building Network effort to support women, we strives to build coalitions of support to advance the lives of Black and visible minority women in our community by addressing gender-based disadvantages while tapping the existing resources within our communities.

This program focuses on two main services:


Establishing Community Partnerships for a Victim Advocate Program for Survivors of Sexual Violence. This service builds toward establishing a victim advocate program that supports survivors of sexual and domestic violence throughout the justice process. It aims to enhance and formalize partnerships with key criminal justice services, such as police, government victim services, and other community agencies to ensure the right of women.


The service creates healthy and safe learning spaces for Black youth to dismantle and challenge rape culture and sexual violence within the Black community. The program work with teens across the gender spectrum who are Black or of African descent (including but not limited to the general youth population.

The program matches groups of girls age 12-15 with two women mentors, and follows a national curriculum that is delivered in Canadian schools. It addresses issues including media influence and stereotypes, peer pressure, and sexual exploitation, while bolstering protective factors such as self-esteem, social connections, critical thinking, and resilience. This program also offers group mentoring opportunities to girls, with a particular focus on those facing additional barriers to building confidence and strong mental health because of traumatic experiences. At least 51 per cent of participants identify as Black of West African desent, so cultural supports are incorporated into the program.

The Community Capacity Building Network (CCBN) is supported by the Government of Canada’s Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative and the Tropicana Community Services. This funding through the Tropicana Community Services will provide Community Capacity Building Network. Focused training of Board of Directors, Executive leadership, and volunteers to ensure organization operational effectiveness and efficiency. 


Funding provided by the
Government of Ontario


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