The Community Capacity Building Network (CCBN) youth programs strives to create opportunities for access and full participation of Black youth in 3 main focus areas:


The entrepreneurship program make available a consistent business development skills and plan that lead to tangible employment opportunities and establishment of realistic business options.


Our youth violence prevention programs focus on enhancing protective factors, promoting education, re-establishing cultural identity, reducing high-risk behaviors, and increasing the circles of support for youth.

This program raises awareness about why violence against young women and trans youth occurs, and engages participants in working together prevent it. Grounded in the understanding that gender binaries are a colonial social construction, the program connect participants to learning and teachings from various community facilitators. Youth will learn about how lateral violence (a learned behaviors stemming from colonial and patriarchal systems) contributes to violence against women, trans and non-binary youth, and how they can work together to challenge this. More specifically, the program engages Black youth and their parent into an interactive group activity gear toward enabling participants explore: thinking critically about social media, body image, self-esteem and values, love vs. friendship, healthy communication, consent and gender with the goal to enable youth make positive decision. Activities will also promote understanding and acceptance of the diverse communities that make up Kitchener’s Central End neighborhoods.


Youth Mentorship and Leadership program, which empowers youth by building healthy relationships in a nurturing and safe environment, plays a significant role in their development as a community leader

This program promotes the use of the youth in Action programmed as an opportunity for self- development and learning for Black youth with fewer opportunities to appreciate their own identities and unique abilities, encourage confidential conversation about their personalities and the values they hold important to them.

Through interactive sharing of multi-generational lived-experiences, this program further allowed youth and their peer-mentors to cultivate a deeper understanding of the historic journey of different individuals who have contributed to building Canada as a nation, and shaping its shared heritage. The peer-to-peer mentoring process is design to raise awareness on the migration patterns of Canadians over the 150 years of Canada’s Confederation; enhance youth appreciation of their country’s diverse population and the contribution of this diversity to Canada’s identity.

Moreover, this youth-led investigation will heighten youth pride in the values that have distinctively shaped Canadians’ shared heritage, continue to define our society, and increase readiness among youth to take local action, give back to their communities, and continue to build a stronger and more compassionate Canada than the one they inherited.

Finally, this program is design to stimulate diversity and to counter mechanisms of exclusion and discrimination. Through the support of community guest speakers, subject matter specialist, and youth peer mentors, this program gauge participants’ knowledge and feelings towards individual differences, ignite critical thinking and curiosity amongst the youth and those they choose to share their stories with.

The Community Capacity Building Network (CCBN) is supported by the Government of Canada’s Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative and the Tropicana Community Services. This funding through the Tropicana Community Services will provide Community Capacity Building Network. Focused training of Board of Directors, Executive leadership, and volunteers to ensure organization operational effectiveness and efficiency. 


Funding provided by the
Government of Ontario


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